Laptop Lap Desks

Laptop Lap Desks

Have you ever tried sitting somewhere, in a chair, on the floor, or maybe in bed and attempt to use your laptop while it sits on your lap? I have and after about 10 to 15 minutes my lap is hot! Even in laptop models that have the exhaust vents on the sides of the unit versus the bottom the heat generated from the bottom of the laptop makes for uncomfortable use on the lap. Fortunately there is an easy and inexpensive resolution to this issue; a laptop lap desk. The remainder of this article describes the various types and provides some pointers on finding one that suites your needs.


Basic Features of Laptop Lap Desks


Typically a laptop lap desk will be in one of two designs: a flat horizontal surface or tray with perpendicular legs on each end. This is very much similar to a tray used for taking meals in bed. On some models the legs are designed to fold up under the desk while in others the legs are fixed in place or molded with the horizontal piece as one unit. The design is such that the desk straddles the lap without putting any weight on the lap just the surface that the legs are resting on. The other design features the same flat horizontal top but instead of legs on each end there is a beanbag mounted beneath the flat surface. The beanbag bottom is ideal for sitting the desk on the lap as it conforms to the thighs and keeps the tray level. Both designs keep the heat away from the legs thus preventing that uncomfortable feeling.


Yes that’s right some laptop lap desks actually have one or more built-in fans. The purpose of the fans is to dissipate the laptop’s heat away from the laptop body and away from your lap. The power source for the fan(s) is either a set of batteries in the desk itself or the laptop’s battery via a USB cable. One thing to be mindful of is that over time dust, dirt, and lint can collect on the fan blades as well as the vent covering the fan. This will cause the fan to be less productive. So be sure to check these areas and clean using a cloth and can of spray air.


Many of today’s desk models feature various storage options such as pencil trays which are a great idea, because they keep pencils and pens from rolling off! Another offering opens like a clam shell to allow for storing things inside such as pens, pencils, note pads, and even a small, slim external hard drive. You will find some models that have big pockets on each side of the desk.


Many laptop lap desks are designed with the thought that the owner will want to take it along wherever they go. Therefore, the best desks are made of materials that allow them to be very light-weight yet durable. Another factor contributing to portability is the design of the support structure. For example models with folding legs or a beanbag bottom are fit for travel. Desks that have a built in handle make it easier to transport. Some models can actually

Working Surface:

The best laptop lap desks have large, durable non-slip tray surfaces to provide plenty of room to hold the laptop and prevent it from sliding around. Another useful feature that some models offer is a titling tray so that you lift the back edge of the tray up thus putting the laptop kepboard at a better angle for typing. Some desks have a retractable mouse pad, a convenience for both right-handed and left-handed users. Desks without fans can be used for a variety of things beyond holding your laptop. They are perfect for completing homework assignments, paying bills online, video games, reading ebooks, hardcopy books, and magazines, and wireless keyboards just to name a few.

So there you have it. The laptop lap desk is truely a versital and beneficial apparatus to own. It allows you to comfortably work with your laptop of PC tablet sitting on your lap. Laptop lap desks are an inexpensive way to ensure you will be able to use your laptop comfortably almost anywhere you can sit.